#Retoagosto día 26. Pareo (Marysb)

The first time I covered my face in public

I do not remember.

Perhaps it was November and I rubbed my body against the snow,

Drops falling, itching ice, but it wouldn’t work.

My face stood shining in the dampness of a million flakes;

My face was the rain,

Dripping oily mud, red, tears pretending to be smiles

And in a while, somebody said I was a fool.

The second time was worse,

The snow was gone,it was never there

Somebody said, but I saw it,

I bear the scars of the winter.

The second time the pavement was ruthless

I kissed it, begging, my arms extended

I begged for mercy,but

My dirty face bleeds, wearing a plum leaf,

A dire emptiness, I couldn’t believe

I was still naked.

The doctors told me not to do it again

They didn’t get it, but I got paxil dreams

What difference does it make,

If you live in a nightmare, your head can’t be tamed.

I planned a third time,

Ashamed of the emptiness of my eyes,

In the mild heat of spring, away from the snow

That never was.

I tried to remove my features with an eraser,

I ruined the latter and there I stood, spotless,

Untouched by the sane asylum I call “the real”

I got a masters in mass production,

And flunked compliance for dummies,

They made me kneel amid the daffodils in memoriam

and swear by the god of Monkey Lascivious Assholes (MLA).

I was rejected by the Academia of poetry,

Damn, I pressed my lips so hard against her they fell apart,

“Passion must be avoided at all times”

“Nudity will deduct a point from the final score”

One less thing to cover up.

I changed my eraser for sandpaper

In the tranquility of whatever-zepam.

I did not feel the pain,

You wouldn’t believe what happened,

The dog ate it, like my homework.

In the meantime summer came,

I had already planned the fourth.

The fourth time was the last one,

I bathed in the warmth of the sand,

No mouth, no nose, no lips, no eyes.

I did it.

I had brought Picasso back to this world.

I expected somebody, whose love

would mend my face, guess what happened?

Somebody came,

bumped into my thighs,

Ate the meat loaf,

enjoyed the rump

And put a beach-wrap in my head.



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