#RetoAgosto día 21. El balón de Nivea (Mariasb)

Beauty lives in your hands,

Your neck, your eyes look at me

And I blindly guess

From the tiniest reflections of light,

I guess from the slightness of touch,

Your laugh,

Isolating your words with a soulless syntax

-I was never good at it-

But I rejoice in your linguistics,


And yet you look at me with a smile

I’d starve should I pay to see

Everyday, I guess

I see my organs floating,

Like the Titanic, sinking,

Guessing, blessed with the miracle of a smile and yet,

Out of oxygen, alone,

Hitting a Nivea ball,

Wishing you never die,

Death is way too mainstream these days

I changed my Nivea ball for a beachball

But you are not, I’d like to tell you how

Your character killed my branded thoughts

Swimming in a sea of truth

Guessing, perhaps it was you

This morning in a black dress

In Reading, UK, reading a

DIY magazine, noticing

How your eyes blink

in those reading glasses, guessing

It wasn’t you, I knew it

But still it hurts less believing

In blind faith,


Foolish, I wait writing

About Dublin in your room,

The light was fading,

It could have taken me by surprise

But it didn’t,

It was so natural I could have faded

Away with Heisenberg!

Looking at the budding wrinkles of your “country mouth,

So plain”

and the sound of you, chuckling,

Choking when you said goodbye

In two cheek caresses, troubled,

When I lifted my hand, troubled,

Lost in an endless morning of silence,

The words won’t come back, ever,

Neither will I,

Lost in the damaged consciousness we shared,

Imperfect but not defective,


The fact that a tear molested your purity,

Unfair, but don’t take me wrong,

I don’t want perfect, not that it matters but

The wrinkles at each side of your mouth,

Those are enough, your teeth,

Swaying back and forth,

Bewildered and puzzled,

And I, alone.


Did I just make you laugh?

That glow pays off,

For this love we’ll never make,


I tell you the cause of my fears,


Honest, for the first time

I crack a smile in some pub,

Guessing, perhaps…

It was just Dublin,

Guessing, perhaps…

I was just nervous,



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